Tuesday, 31 May 2011


When construction is finished and you turn possession over to the homeowner, does the manual you produce reflect the quality of the home you just built? Does it give the homeowner everything they need to know?

A home consists of hundreds of products & components supplied by numerous manufacturers and constructed by dozens of trades; a new home manual that means something should provide all of this information and product documentation to the homeowner.

"In the past we did this task in house and provided the homeowner with a comprehensive manual with as much product documentation as we could reasonably obtain. The time it took was a huge burden and not something we were particularly set for and consequently efficient at," shared Paul Halliday, VP of Finance for Allaire Properties, who used CONASYS on their "Enclave in the Mission" project. "The cost was over $200 per unit by the time we included material, time and labour and it didn't even include an online component."

Outsourcing new home manuals may be new to this industry, but it's an old business strategy that is widely used in practically all industries. There was a time when all aspects of constructing a new home were done by in house staff; from foundation to finishing; but now, there are outsource options for almost all aspects of construction. So why not outsource homeowner manuals?

Don Forsgren, President of Intracorp says "The web-based homeowner manual was the direction we had envisioned taking and as an outsource solution, we now offer the most comprehensive customer information package in the industry with minimal effort."

"Conasys has provided an exceptional, timely, and budget conscious option for homeowner manuals...Outsourcing this to Conasys has provided with a perfect job, done right the first time," adds Andrew Gaucher from G Group of Companies.
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