Thursday, 22 September 2011

Operating Manuals Go Digital

Large, cumbersome, and difficult to navigate owner manuals may soon be a thing of the past; if Hyundai and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have their way, that is.

In February, Hyundai announced that their 2011 Equus will come standard a 16GB WiFi Apple iPad, pre-loaded with a digital operating manual. Features include:

  • Interactive Quick Reference Guide: Includes vehicle overview & direct access to specific features

  • Vehicle location-based dealer locator: Locates nearest authorized Equus dealer

  • Service Scheduler: Enables owner to select appointment time for scheduled maintenance

"The Equus App is the ultimate owner's manual. Interactive text mingles with detailed photos and videos to provide rich and immersive explanations of Equus technology, in a very intuitive way," says John Krafcik, President & CEO of Hyudani Motor Canada.

But it's not just car manuals going digital, The Tampa Bay Buccanners of the NFL announced recently that all players and coaches will be equipped with an iPad, loaded with a digital copy of their playbooks. They are hoping this will help players get up to speed quicker, rather than navigating through a phone directory-sized printed book.

Raheem Morris, Head Coach says "It took about two minutes for Buccaneer co-chairman Bryan Glazer to approve the purchase of 90 iPad 2's. Players watch past game footage and study plays that are downloaded to the devises automatically."

Owner's manuals are only useful if they are utilized by the reader, and it looks like going digital could be a way to encourage the process.

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