Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Warranty Advisor added to Home Information Packages

Conasys is pleased to announce the addition of "Warranty Advisor" to its core product, Home Information Packages. The feature was launched with all Home Information Packages delivered in the latter part of 2011.

In conjunction with "Maintenance Advisor," the two advisor features serve as the communication platform of Home Information Packages, automated based on the province of the home as well as the new home warranty provider.

"Warranty Advisor" automatically emails homeowners directly before and after major new home warranty milestones occur, ensuring homeowners fully understand what needs to be done prior to deadlines, as well as the remaining coverage of their new home. Maintenance Advisor periodically emails the homeowner when their scheduled maintenance is due, ensuring homeowners understand what their responsibilities are to keep their new home warranty in tact.

Home Information Packages (HIP) are tailored web-based manuals for new homes. They provide new home buyers with a product inventory of everything installed in the home, complete with manufacturer documents such as Operating Manuals, Maintenance & Care Guides and Extended Warranty Information. Here is a short video overviewing the package:

When combined, Home Information Packages form the most comprehensive new home information package in the industry. Please Contact Us for a list of builders and developers in your area who provide HIP's with their new homes.
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