Thursday, 14 July 2011

Online or Bust

Believe it or not there are still businesses out there that don't believe they need to be and/or operate online, due to various reasons such as an older target demographic or being in a rural area where they conduct business.

The numbers that Statistics Canada have put out would suggest different. According to their 2010 survey, 79% of Canadian households have access to the Internet. Of that 79%, over one-half have more than one type of device to go online. British Columbia leads the way with 84%, followed by Alberta (83%) and Ontario (81%). Outside major metropolitan areas, the numbers decreased only marginally to 71%, up from 58% in 2005.

So what about the age argument?

Internet use by individuals, by selected frequency (at least once a day) and age:

35-55 years: 71.6%
55-64 years: 69.1%
65+ years: 65.9%

The same report by Stats Canada shows that a vast majority of Canadians, regardless of age are going online at least once a day.

The numbers don't lie; a majority of your target market, regardless of where or who you do business with is online daily and the numbers continue to grow.
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