Monday, 12 December 2011

Customer Care is now "HIP" in Alberta

Alberta builders and developers are setting a new standard for customer care in Canada.

Even though there is no mandatory new home warranty in Alberta, most reputable builders and developers provide it regardless. The same can be said about the homeowner packages provided by builders to help new home buyers understand what is in their home. Although there is no mandatory information disclosure requirement, Alberta builders are going above and beyond, clearly demonstrated by the rapid adoption of Home Information Packages in the province.

Home Information Packages (HIP), the most comprehensive new home manual in the industry provides homeowners with a web-portal housing a product inventory with corresponding product documents from the manufacturer including Operating Manuals, Maintenance & Care Guides and Extended Warranty documents. The online portal proactively communicates to homeowners when their scheduled maintenance is due and how to do it, as well as notifies them when major warranty milestones are about to occur.

Unity Builders Group, Jayman MasterBUILT, Cove Properties, Carrington Properties, Bedrock Homes, Slokker Canada West, Landrex Developers, Knightsbridge Homes, Regency Developments, Birchwood Properties, Park Homes, and The Statesman Group are just a few Alberta builders providing HIP's for a better homeowner experience.

"We strive to be on the leading edge of innovation and creativity and are committed to enhancing the home buying experience at every step of the process," shared Larry Noer, Vice President of Jayman MasterBUILT. "Integrating this web based tool for our customers made perfect sense."

Ryan Doherty, Multi-Family Sales Manager for the Unity Builders Group of Companies adds "Post occupancy customer care is a key component in the overall satisfaction when buying a new home. Home Information Packages allow us to deliver a consistent and high level of customer service through the occupancy period and retain more customers as they transition to larger homes."
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