Thursday, 1 December 2011

What is a Home Information Package?

Home Information Packages are being provided by Canada's leading builders & developers to help new home buyers get the most out of their homes. So what exactly is a Home Information Package (HIP) and why is it important?
  • Tailored online manual for new homes.
  • The most comprehensive homeowner manual in the market.
  • Operating, Maintenance & Care, Warranty documents for installed products/components
  • Email reminders when routine maintenance must be done on the home
  • Email reminders when major new home warranty milestones are about to occur and remaining coverage directly after milestones

This is what it means for homeowners:

  • Understand how to operate and maintain the products in your home, from appliances to flooring to cabinets to lighting fixtures and everything in between.
  • Lower cost of homeownership. Operating & maintaining a home's components properly will reduce wasted energy and extend the life of the products.
  • Maximize Warranty. Many products come with extended manufacturer warranties that extend beyond the new home warranty; knowing what must be done to keep these intact will allow homeowners to reduce replacement costs of the home's components.
New homeowners need this information for successful homeownership. Don't buy a new home unless it's HIP.

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