Monday, 12 March 2012

Communication Is Key to Positive Homeowner Experience

Communication is a key component in the new home buying process, and has the ability to make a significant impact on the buying experience. Communication will determine if a purchase is made, how comfortable the buyer is during the building process and finally, the perceived level of customer service after they have taken possession of their home. Automating your communication efforts can give you the same value, but reduce your costs significantly.

Traditionally, communication has been a time consuming and costly endeavour; but with web-based new home manuals now being utilized, post-occupancy automated communication is adding significant value to homeowner experience, and reducing the time and resources builders are spending on warranty claims.

Through email reminders, based on your warranty provider’s maintenance schedule, proactively sent to your purchasers will guarantee they are continually reminded of their responsibilities as a homeowner. This communication will ensure the homeowner is confident they are meeting the requirements to keep their warranty intact, and the builder benefits from having less warranty claims.

By automating the process, builders reap the benefits with no time or resources spent on the initiative.

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