Monday, 12 March 2012

Digital New Home Manuals - The New Way of Branding Your Homes

Manufactured products stand as a testimony to the quality of their design, but very few of those products have significant longevity. A new home, however, will likely outlive the original purchaser. This gives new home builders an extravagance that should be taken advantage of; branding a home so that it stands as a testimony for years to come, even as the home changes hands. But how can a homeowner manual help you accomplish this?

Traditional new home manuals in the form of a binder are easily lost or misplaced; a consequence of their design. It is unlikely to hope that it will be transferred to secondary owners, and even more unlikely it will serve as representation of your brand. The recent trend toward web-based owner’s manuals eliminates this concern by housing home-specific information via an online portal, which also allows for a larger amount of information to be stored efficiently, and visually customized to your brand.

In previous generations, the average person bought fewer homes. The same can’t be said about the average home buyer of today; home prices are simply too high for most people to buy their dream home and will require one or more “starter” homes as they progress through life. For a new home builder, this is a significant opportunity to expose your product to secondary homeowners and their inner circles.

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